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Thy Presses shall burst out with new wine”  Prov. 3:10


   We’re passionate about books at St. Ellen Press, and we have dedicated ourselves to providing readers with the finest quality popular Fiction and Non-Fiction works by exceptional authors that have appeal to anyone looking for a message that brings hope and inspiration.


    Interested in enjoyable, encouraging stories delivered at a reasonable price? St. Ellen Press is just what you have been looking for. We also offer a large variety of solid, Bible-based teaching and inspirational non-fiction. Our children’s department is full of delightful materials as well. You can order any product directly from us, ask a favorite local bookstore to special order it for you, or find it on-line (soon) at other popular bookstores.


   Please browse through our site to see what we have available now and what’s coming up in the near future. Look for the specially marked books that allow you to read excerpts right on this site. And be sure to click on our “Free Stuff” button to discover what you  can download at no charge.

You’ll also find photos and interesting information about all of our authors.


Enjoy the tour … and don’t forget to order your favorite products!

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